Online Loan up to PLN 15,000 in Truloan

Up to PLN 15,000 as part of an online loan? No additional certificates, completely online and without leaving your home. Possible? In Truloan, the most!

Two weeks before Christmas, the Truloan brand decided to increase the limit of available internet loans. Currently, we can get up to PLN 15,000 through an online loan company.

What is more, loan companies are increasing the limits of their loans. What more companies are able to offer advantageous solutions is non-banking. These companies are undoubtedly Truloan, which grants non-bank loans with monthly installments. Currently, the company is able to offer us online loans in the amount of up to PLN 15,000.

Online loan without certificates PLN 15,000

Online loan without certificates PLN 15,000

So far, the maximum amount of loans in Truloan was PLN 10,000. Just before the upcoming holidays, the Truloan brand decided to increase this limit up to PLN 15,000. To check the cost of such a loan, just indicate the monthly installment that we would like to pay. On this basis, the system will adjust the loan repayment period. The shortest loan repayment period can be up to 3 months, and the longest up to 36 months.

Let’s remember that Truloan belongs to the group of companies providing loans without presenting income certificates. Therefore, the company will not require us either paper certificates of income or employment or bank statements. It is enough that we have a bank account to which we have access via the Internet. Truloan thanks to the Instantor system will verify the account holder’s data and its creditworthiness. On this basis, it will assess whether the borrower can obtain a loan in the amount by which he has applied.

What conditions must be met to get a loan at Truloan? First of all, you must have a current ID card and be 21 years old. The necessary to obtain an online loan at Truloan will also be having a good credit rating. The lack of debts both in BIK databases and in debtors’ databases is also required. Truloan does not require any additional collateral to obtain a loan or a guarantor.

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February 9, 2019